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Who We Are

It’s hard to define who we are, as it is ambiguous to tell how many people do we have. We initially gathered together in 2018, then in 2020, officially established Tony’s Studio, named after the tech lead. 🤪

What We Do

We mainly focus on software engineering, and the Studio aims at practicing and enjoying coding. 😵‍💫

What We Like

Well, generally, we like C++ over everything, and this is what we are best at. Besides, we have a fancy for Star Wars, Kenny G, Michael Jackson, LEGO, Command & Conquer, and so on. 😍


We started off by making games, however, game involves arts, music and many other stuffs. So in January 2022, we derived another department - the New Desire Studios - to fully dedicate to game development. And it is surely a right choice.

You can visit our old website at Tony’s Studio. 🙃

Have fun exploring! 😉

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