One Vision, One Purpose


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Hello there! Welcome to Tony’s Studio, I’m Tony Skywalker, a.k.a. Lord Turmoil. 👻

I’m a …

  • 🔬 Student majoring in Software Engineering.
  • 💻 Computer fanatic.
  • 🎧 Music hobbyist.
  • 🌌 Big fan of Star Wars.
  • 🎮 Command & Conquer player.

A group of enthusiastic programmers gathered together in 2018, learning to use C for the very beginning. Then in 2020, Tony’s Studio was officially established, named after the tech lead - me. In 2023, we moved to this brand new page! However, you can visit our old website at Tony’s Studio. 🙃

We mainly focus on backend and desktop app development, with a little frontend experience. Generally, we like C++ & C# over everything, and this is what we are best at.


HTML5 CSS3 JavaScript React Material UI XAML


.Net Core Django MySQL Redis Elastic Search Nginx


C C++ C# .NET Java Python

We started off by making games, however, game involves arts, music and many other stuffs. So in January 2022, we derived another department - the New Desire Studios - to fully dedicate to game development. And it is surely a right choice.

This blog contains mostly tech tutorials, and some skills sharing. Have fun exploring! 😉